Gladesmen Culture And Folklife Tour

Everglades Adventure Tours offers a Gladesmen Culture & Folklife Tour.
Learn about the old ways in which early settlers of the Everglades lived. Travel to a traditional Gladesmen style camp where you can find working artifacts used in every day swamp life. See a traditional glades skiff, animal traps, gator hunting gear and a variety
of other tools and implements.
On your travel you will be informed about the local flora and fauna of the area and how they are used in every-day life.
Participants of the tour will be educated on the skills and tools used for hunting, fishing and surviving in the swamp. This tour is great for the whole family and a very unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Prices: $20.00 Adults $15.00 Ages 6 – 17 5 and under free

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